GOLD STONE ENERGY (THAILAND) CO., LTD    was established in Thailand to provide the ASEAN region with the access to new and exciting energy management services and products. Gold Stone Eenergy Company in Thailand is focused on providing key renewable products and solutions such as LED, TURN-KEY SOLAR PV and HVAC Optimization solutions. As a local partner in Thailand, Enermatrix aims to provide the best solutions, services and products to maximize sustainability in any operation.





         GOLD STONE ENERGY (THAILAND) CO., LTD   is a key partner to Gold Stone Solar Group in China that specializes in solar HDT PV modules manufacturing and utility scale project development, financing, construction and operations. Gold Stone Eenergy Strategic Partner Gold Stone Solar Group is a market leader in Low-Voltage products in Asia such as SOLAR PV modules, LED, Battery and HVAC equipment. With products sold in more than 100 countries around the world, the group’s global reach makes it one of the most comprehensive enterprises in China.