Gold Stone Energy Thailand, precision for our projects is the key to build a reliable Solar PV system for our customers.  In order to achieve that, Enermatrix choose our products carefully whether it is solar panels, inverters down to sub-structure or even wire.  We make sure that products have all been tested to be reliable and cost effective at the same time.

         Gold Stone Energy Thailand, as exclusive distributor to newly promoted product of Gold Stone Group Solar  HDT panels mono-crystalline hetero-junction double-sided solar cells.  At the size of 60 cells that can generate up to 320 watts per panels means less space and higher power generation.  This can bring down the cost of total solar pv system and producing higher returns on investment.


Solar Cell Energy Solar Module Energy


         HDT solar modules use high efficiency mono-crystalline hetero-junction double-sided solar cells technology (HDT), HDT solar cells can generate power from both sides. It uses N-type mono-crystalline silicon as substrate. A thin layer of undoped (intrinsic) hydrogenated amorphous silicon is deposited on both sides of the silicon substrate followed by the p-type and n-type thin film silicon. This process improves the performance of PN junction, enabling HDT solar cells to achieve one of the highest conversion efficiency in the world. HDT solar cells have low manufacturing process temperature, high conversion efficiency and low temperature coefficient. Today HDT solar module provides the best value among all mass produced high efficiency solar modules in the market.