Gold Stone Energy Thailandas an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) has the full dedication to provide turn-key services to help reduce energy with solar photovoltaic systems. We set our goal to help our customers benefit most from the return on investments. Our overall services for a complete turnkey solar PV systems can be divided into 3 main phrases:


  • Project Planning
  • Construction and Installing
  • Operations and Maintenance


Project Planning

Purchasing an Purchasing an
1. Information gathering 1. Detailed structural design and layout
2. Consultations 2. Load test assessment for roof top
3. Site survey 3. Detailed electrical wiring schematic
4. Feasibility study 4. Equipment planning
5. Technical advisory 5. Specification sheets for overall system
6. Permit and licensing 6. Construction management plan
7. Alternatives of systems  
8. Timeline of completion  
9. Financial overviews and plan  



Construction and installing

Purchasing an Construction and installing Commissioning
1. Products evaluation 1. Staffs management 1. Overall system testing
2. Supplier evaluation 2. Electrical installation 2. Assessment of safety issues
3. Transportation and logistic planning 3. Mechanical mounting 3. Thorough system assessment 
4. Storage management 4. Auxiliary installation     using IV curve analysis
5. Possibility of duty exemption 5. Following action plan and timeline 4. Educate and advise on site personnel
  6. Resource management  
  7. On site daily monitoring  
  8. Quality control  



Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance

1. Overall System TestingRoutine operation
2. Routine operation

3. Strictly following maintenance plan
4. Regular remote monitoring
5. Outcome and savings record keeping
6. Regular diagnostic testing
7. Scheduled cleaning
8. System warranties management
9. Control center for PV system users to contact