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Gold Stone Energy (THAILAND) Co.,Ltd

GOLD STONE ENERGY (THAILAND) COMPANY LIMITED is the exclusive distributor of N-TYPE CELLS HJT High Efficiency Solar panels by GS Group in Thailand and Southeast Asia. As the official EPC partner for GS Group in Thailand, we are well positioned to bring strong technical and managerial expertise to our turnkey solar installations here in Thailand. Gold Stone Energy can be your partner in the quest to be more environmentally sustainable as we design and install reliable cost efficient systems to fulfill the need for all clean energy demand for industrial, commercial and household users

Why are we confident in our products and services

1. Experience

Our group has been in the solar business as a producer, researcher and installer for more than 20 years

Both International and domestic customers that have used our products and services

Our Client

2. Technology

We have carefully selected the technology that will be most beneficial to our customers' investment to maximize the highest return on investment

such as N-Type Cells Bifacial Technology

3. Overall services at the highest standard

Our team take care of our products and services with "Never-Ending Energy"


GOLD STONE ENERGY THAILAND for energy solutions by the implementation of photovoltaic systems (PV system). Gold Stone Energy is an EPC company that covers overall turnkey basis to ensure the effectiveness of your energy saving systems. We design and install reliable and cost efficient systems to fulfill the need for clean energy demand for both industrial and household users. In addition to solar energy, we ensure to provide other necessary elements to promote energy saving such as LED lightings, and air condition optimizer (HVAC systems).


Committed to become a global leader in the PV industry


To become the most cost effective green power system provider in the world


Experienced and strong engineering and structural resources